The aim of the group is to engender an interest in, and knowledge of, the history of Derbyshire. It is expected that members of the group will have very different desired levels of involvement, ranging from those with a cursory curiosity and little spare time to conduct research to those with bags of enthusiasm and time to delve into original research of local history. It is anticipated that members of the group will conduct their own research into their chosen area of interest, working either alone, in pairs, or in small groups, and once a year will arrange for the rest of the group to visit a site appropriate to that chosen interest. Additional meetings will be arranged on an occasional basis, which may include an invited guest speaking on a subject of interest to the whole group.

The Local History Group normally meets on the last Monday of every month, usually in the morning but sometimes later, depending on the requirements of the visit.

Where meetings are held in a member's home there will be a charge of 30p for refreshments. Where meetings involve a visit to an appropriate location any entry fees will be paid by each individual. The cost of any invited speakers will be discussed and agreed by the group as a whole.

Our May trip to Minninglow:

The clump of trees on the left is the site of a Neolithic Burial Ground

Several members at the top - it was drizzling with rain

IMG3787s IMG3812s

Images courtesy of Susan Tomlinson

The joint group coordinators are:

Andrew Noone, who can be contacted by email by clicking on his name, or by telephone on 0780 2462524.

Susan Tomlinson, who can be contacted by email by clicking on her name, or by telephone on 01629 583763.

The programme for 2017 is:

Monday, 30 January

Tansley Village Hall at 10am.

 - Nick Dibben will give us a talk on the famous naturalist Sir Joseph Banks.

-  Susan will show her collection of historic photographs "Images of Old Matlock".

Monday, 27 February

Tansley Village Hall at 10am.

- Anne Topham will talk on the subject of the devastating 1864 floods in Sheffield.

- Jo Beresford will tell us about the Chesterfield company Brian Donkin.

Tuesday, 28 March

Tansley Village Hall at 10am.

 - Chatsworth archives/Sheffield Uni Research - “From Servants to Staff: the Whole Community at Chatsworth”, by Fiona Clapperton and two other Phd students.

Monday, 24 April

Tour of the Magpie Mine with Keith Gregory from the Peak District Mines Historical Society.


Visit to Minninglow

Saturday, 1 July

A visit to Wingfield Manor

Monday, 31 July

The Rise and Fall of the Hydropathic Industry in Matlock, a walking tour with Nick Dibben

Monday, 21 August

Stephen Bailey, Growing up in the Nottingham Coalfields, with reference to D H Lawrence

Monday, 25 September

Tansley Village Hall at 10am.

- “The Civil War in Derbyshire” with Brian Stone - please note there will be a charge of about £4.

Monday, 30 October

A walking tour of Holloway, including a visit to Lea Hurst, the former home of Florence Nightingale with Susan Tomlinson.

Monday, 27 November

Tansley Village Hall at 10am.

- Bonnie Prince Charlie with Jeanette Moss and Jo Beresford.

Monday, 18 December

Tansley Village Hall at 10am.

- “Role of Iron in the development of Railways” with Graham Hutch.

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