Welcome to the Science & Technology Group. Its aim is to cater for those with a general interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine (past, present and future!). We hope our talks and visits will be interesting and accessible to everyone and not just those with a technical training. Offers of talks and suggestions for future activities are very welcome.

Meetings are usually held on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 2.15pm in the Studio Room at St Elphin’s and should generally last about two hours. Those attending will be asked to make a contribution toward the cost of the meeting room, tea and coffee. Meetings will normally include a presentation by a member of the group plus some related DVD or other audio-visual material.

Every so often we hold a session where everyone attending is encouraged to bring along a short item (no more than one or two minutes) from the press / radio & TV / internet that has interested them over the last month and stimulating discussion usually ensues. You may like to check out the following websites for items of interest.

BBC Science

BBC News - Science and Environment

BBC News - Technology

Science Daily

Science Musuem

Technology, Entertainment and Design - TED


If you need more information or would like to join the group, please contact the coordinators, by email by clicking on one of their names, or by telephone:-

Keith Bailey 01629 736795

Mary Mellor 01246 591181

Mike Steel 01246 591371

Our trip to Jodrell Bank

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Taylor

Our programme for 2019 is:

22 January - Nick Binns - Why Do Racing Cars Have Wings?

26 February - John Barnett - Seeing the Wood for the Trees - The Unseen Beauty of Trees

The microscopic structure and anatomy of wood and how the design of individual cells contributes to survival and success of trees and makes wood such a useful raw material - a talk illustrated with photographs taken with light and electron microscopes.

26 March - Dr. James Mcfarlane - Occupational Health

30 April - Day Trip To Oxford Museums

We are planning a coach trip to Oxford on Tuesday, 30 April to visit the Bacterial World Exhibition at The Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

Members may also visit the Museum of the History of Science or other Oxford museums. The trip will cost £15 per person and will leave from Slacks Coaches, Lumsdale, Matlock DE4 5LB at 08:30, with an estimated return to Matlock by 18:30.

Meetings will be held on the following dates, details to be confirmed in due course.

28 May

25 June

23 July

27 August

24 September

22 October

26 November

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