Welcome to the Science & Technology Group. Its aim is to cater for those with a general interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine (past, present and future!). We hope our talks and visits will be interesting and accessible to everyone and not just those with a technical training. Offers of talks and suggestions for future activities are very welcome.

Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of every month at 2.15pm in the Studio Room at St Elphin’s and should generally last about two hours. Those attending will be asked to make a contribution toward the cost of the meeting room, tea and coffee. Meetings will normally include a presentation by a member of the group plus some related DVD or other audio-visual material.

Every so often we hold a session where everyone attending is encouraged to bring along a short item (no more than one or two minutes) from the press / radio & TV / internet that has interested them over the last month and stimulating discussion usually ensues. You may like to check out the following websites for items of interest.

BBC Science

BBC News - Science and Environment

BBC News - Technology

Science Daily

Science Musuem

Technology, Entertainment and Design - TED


If you need more information or would like to join the group, please contact the coordinators, by email by clicking on one of their names, or by telephone:-

Keith Bailey 01629 736795

Mary Mellor 01246 591181

Mike Steel 01246 591371

Our recent trip to Jodrell Bank

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Taylor

Our programme for 2018 is:

30 January - Keith Bailey - From Edison to iTunes -The Destruction of the Music Industry

This fairly light hearted non-technical talk will chart how developments in recorded music have affected both society and the economic fortunes of the music industry. Come and wallow in nostalgia!

27 February at 19:30 - Chesterfield Observatory Visit - Hastings Close, Chesterfield, S41 8RH

Come and look at the stars (weather permitting) and also use a number of smaller telescopes as well. Arthur Lister will give an introductory talk. The cost for this visit will be £2.50 and numbers are limited to 25 people. Bookings will be taken on a first come first served basis at the November and January meetings, precedence will be given to Science and Technology Group members but partners and others will be welcome if space is available.

27 March - Dave Puxley - Charles Darwin - Evolution of the Man

"Seldom in the history of English prose has such a dangerous, disruptive, consequential book been so modest and affable in tone" (David Quammen about Darwin's "On the Origin of Species").  So what was it about Darwin's own origins that led this quiet affable man to shake the very foundations of science & religion?

24 April - Mike Steele - Gravity: What’s the attraction?

An exploration into the history and science of gravity – ranging from the leaning tower of Pisa to a cold Scottish mountain, from the ocean’s tides to neutron stars,  from astronauts to the fabric of space-time, from  gravitational waves to black holes, and maybe more

Tuesday 29th May – Nick Binns – Where’s my flying car?

In the 1950s we were promised personal VTOL flying cars. In the 1960s vertical take off airliners would reduce the need for noisy massive airports and would transport us from city centre to city centre. So where did it all go wrong (or right)? Also, why is Derby and its surroundings so important in this story?

Tuesday 26th June – Sustainable Building Technologies and the Environment

Kevin Hudson, Construction Director of the Audley Group, and Paul Rushmer of Mechanical and Electrical Consultants SVM, will describe the sustainable building technologies used by the Audley Group to maximize service system efficiencies and minimize impact on the environment, plus introduce us to innovations in the pipeline for the future.

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